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-Et incarnatus est-

It's not about flying. It's about not caring what's beneath your feet.

19 August

I am Rhea. I hold a degree in English and work as a graphic designer and an EFL teacher. I write borderline dark fantasy and odd poetry when the right mood strikes.

If you want to friend me, feel free - don't forget to drop a comment here to let me know. If you don't, I'll assume you're here for the fic and won't friend back. Common interests will be helpful in forging a nice relationship. ;-) I don't auto-add back; I want to be able to read everything they post.

If you are not an open-minded person, do us both a favor and don't friend me. Attention whoring, eljay!drama and other such things are not my cup of tea, and if they're yours, then we have nothing in common.

I'm a graphic designer working for this company. Occassionally I design layouts also in my spare time, but please don't ask for one unless we are close, or I owe you something. ♥ I post private or friends-only unless it's a colder day in Hell; mostly ramblings, updates, hardly any quizzes (because they annoy me =P) and sometimes hideous pictures of self and my unfortunate companions. I don't bite. Hard.

I lurk in Loveless, YnM, Saiyuki, AS and Tsubasa fandoms and may be caught writing an occassional fic. My contributions to the Loveless fandom are open for public view. My Yami no Matsuei fanfic is here, neatly indexed here. Some stories are also in public-access entries in this journal.

Current layout version:
18.0 - Come Clarity.

Feather picture: AndreasReh
Clarity quote: © In Flames
Knowledge quote: Kushiel's Dart, © Jacqueline Carey

No copyright infringement intended. All original content © Rhea Logan 2004-2008 and may not be taken or used without permission.

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...for all knowledge is worth having.
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