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Yami no Matsuei fanfic index
Tags: fic, index, tatari, ynm

Yami no Matsuei fanfiction I have written so far:

The 2007 fics, and some AtW chapters, have been posted in this journal.
The links on this list will take you to omoikiri,
which is my Yami fic journal.
Note: I share omoikiri with aoyagi, so you can find some
of her fic there, too, as well as one piece by aluragayle.

Works in Progress:

[03] Against the Wind
R // Watari/Tatsumi // in progress // drama/action // 78,000 words
Brilliant minds don't go unnoticed, Watari learned after his death. Pulled into the Mother Project soon after, he let his ambition loose. Thirty years have passed, the deal is long gone. But is it? Enma believes otherwise.
>> Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |

Status: Currently on hiatus. Not discontinued. Quite possible it will be actually finished some time, as I'm back to writing in this fandom.

Newest first

[01] The Things Between [12-07-07]
Light R // Watari/Tatsumi // complete // romance, humor // 2,300 words
Set friendship on fire and it will erupt, pull its victims into a whirlwind of change.

[02] Hands [14-06-07]
PG // Touda, Tsuzuki // complete // gen // 650 words
Touda dreams in shades of gray: murky and thick like the air in his old prison.

[03] Entwined [12-30-05]
NC-17 // Watari/Tatsumi // complete // romance // 2,760 words
Chocolate, wine, and the holiday season – there is nothing more Watari needs to carry out his plans.

[04] Order of Precedence [12-24-05]
R // Watari/Tatsumi // complete // romance, humor // 3,113 words
For a dedicated man, work should always come first.

[05] Where the Shadows Lie [12-20-05]
PG-13 // Watari/Tatsumi // complete // romance // 1,910 words
Long hair can be a nuisance... or a good way to get what Watari wants.
Note: Part of the Gravity series, might not make much sense without knowing the background.

[06] Hourglass [12-16-05]
PG // Watari // complete // introspective, angst // 781 words
"I took life for granted, thinking all it took to survive was to grab my hourglass and run to stop it from being turned upside down."

[07] Simple Rules [12-13-05]
PG-13 // Watari/Tatsumi // complete // romance, humor // 1,325 words
Tatsumi's house is his sanctuary - his rules keep it intact. Not even Watari can change that... can he?

[08] Absit Omen [10-24-05]
PG-13 // Watari // complete // drama/action // prequel to Against the Wind // 12,300 words
"Mothers might be sweet on their children, but the rest of the family can go bad while you're not looking." Furious at his death, Watari accepted Enma's offer without second thoughts. But when the curtain of ambition falls, he has to wonder: was it worth it?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

[09] P.S. Before I Fall [10-20-05]
PG-13 // [Gravity III] Watari // complete // angst // 426 words
"I can’t help thinking that if I just could have been more patient, one day you would have done this; you would have held me - the whole of me, not a fractured shell."
Note: Part of the Gravity series, might not make much sense without knowing the background.

[10] Morning Coffee [10-7-05]
PG // Watari/Tatsumi // complete // romance, relationship study // 500 words in drabbles
In the end, you can tell the change by the smallest of things.

[11] De Profundis [9-17-05]
PG-13 // [Gravity VI] Watari, Tatsumi // complete // romance, angst // 4,500 words
"I wish... I wish for a lot of things. Most of all, though, I wish gravity wouldn’t pull me down. Just once. Even I wish I had someone to hold on to. If you do, it’s less painful when you fall."
Note: Part of the Gravity series, might not make much sense without knowing the background. Co-author: aoyagi

[12] Brittle Glass [8-29-05]
R // [Gravity I] Watari // complete // drama, angst // 1,788
Sanity's a brittle thing, no? Each time it rattles on its uneasy foundation, there’s another crack in the shell. One crack too many and...
Note: Part of the Gravity series. Works as a standalone.

[13] Twelve O'clock [8-25-05]
PG-13 // [Gravity XII] Watari/Tatsumi // complete // character study // 1,000 words
There are nights when Watari wakes because it’s too quiet.
Note: Part of the Gravity series. Works as a standalone.

[14] Paper Wings [8-22-05]
PG-13 // [Gravity XIV] Watari/Tatsumi // complete // romance // 3,050
Tatsumi never thought so much could change overnight, until a year ago when it did. But there is always something left unsaid...
Note: Sequel to "Wish". These two stories were made parts of the Gravity series later, so they are logical standalones and can be safely read as such.

[15] Wish [8-19-05]
PG-13 // [Gravity X] Watari/Tatsumi // complete // romance // 1,609
Same time each year, Watari makes a wish.

[16] Desperado [7-14-05]
PG-13 // Watari, Tatsumi // complete // angst-ish // 9,014
One does not become a Shinigami without a reason. Late at night, Tatsumi finds out that Watari is battling demons of his own.
Note: Prequel to "Against the Wind"

Shorter drabbles:

[01] All or Nothing [1-16-06]
PG // Watari, Tatsumi // complete // romance, character study // 100
Challenge :: Opposites

[02] Implications [10-17-05]
PG- // Watari, Tatsumi // complete // angst-ish // 100
There are many ways to ask a favor; nine out of ten will get you anywhere but where you want to be.