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Loveless Fanfiction Index

Loveless fanfiction I have written so far:
Due to my journal being mostly friends-locked, the following links will take you to raburesu where I post most my stories for the general public. Please enjoy.
Note: Occassionally, I write stories that stay friends-only.


[01] Beloved Disarray [Feb 11th, 2006]
PG-13 // Soubi // complete // angst, introspective // 550 words
A Fighter cannot belong to two Masters. Or can he?

[02] Freedom is not Enough [Feb 21st, 2006]
pg-13 // Kio/Soubi // complete // drama/angst // 3,100 words
He was always in pieces, because of Seimei. The most infuriating thing was, he was happy that way. Kio hoped Soubi would be finally set free. But to some, freedom is not enough.

[03] Transcendence [Feb 28th, 2006] [Part I]
R // Ritsu-sensei, Soubi // complete // drama // 2,525 words
Excluding finesse, a Fighter is everything a butterfly is not.

[04] Surrender [March 1-4th, 2006] [Part II]
R // complete, cont. of Transcendence // Soubi, Seimei // Drama // 2950 words
It is not always simply about pain. Sometimes it is all about the one that inflicts it.

[05] Secret Scars [March 6-8th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Kio/Soubi // angst // 1610 words
He can be there when he is needed. He can tend to the wounds and watch them heal. He cannot make the scars fade, his own least of all.

[06] You Don't Have to Break My Heart [March 24th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Kio/Soubi // general/angst // 1582 words
"I like your hair." -- Some mornings are different than others.

[07] Dream a Little Dream [April 5-7th, 2006]
PG // complete // Kio, Soubi // angst-ish // 760 words
Whether he knows this or not, Kio sometimes gets a little bit of what he wants.

[08] Wordless [March 30th - April 7th, 2005]
PG-13 // complete // Soubi/Kio // angst, character/relationship study // 2995 words
Soubi takes friendship for granted - Kio asks difficult questions - it takes time and effort to discover a painless way to mutual understanding.

[09] Faux Pas [April 9-12th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Kio, Soubi // drama // 2,559 words
A grievous mistake made unwittingly hurts all the same.

[10] Nowhere Else [April 15th, 2006]
R // complete // Kio/Soubi // drama/angst // 1,163 words // friends-only
Kio has no love for thunder and rain.
Warnings: Blood. I mean it.

[11] Bona Fide [April 17th, 2006]
Light R to be safe // complete // Soubi/Kio // romance/humor // 400 words
"Don't move." - or, a short crack!fic about true names and marks of ownership.
Warnings: CRACK.

[12] Ripple Effect [April 19-24th, 2006]
NC-17 // complete // Kio/Soubi // romance // 4,813 words
How can you draw when it's so quiet?

[13] Even [April 27th, 2006]
G // complete // Soubi/Ritsuka // general/humor // 880 words
On the importance of concentration, and a couple of other things.

[14] The Final Count [April 28th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Soubi, Ritsu-sensei // 600 words
So, did you count them?
Warnings: Reference to violence and sexual implications

[15] Memento [May 5th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // drama // Soubi, Kio, Seimei // 1,254 words
When reality and the wish-woven dream overlap, their borders are hard to define.

[16] Do Thy Bidding [May 10-16th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Soubi/Seimei // action/drama // 3,482 words
The name-brand was still fresh when the chains of restriction coiled around the thin scar tissue on Soubi's throat for the first time.

[17] And If Only the Ghosts Let Go [May 17th, 2006]
PG // complete // Kio, Soubi // introspective/angst // 527 words
Kio knows...

[18] Gods of Ice [May 18th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Soubi // introspective/character study // 600 words
Gods expected obedience – absolute, blind, and Soubi wrung and bent himself in humble answer to all of their demands.

[19] Watertight [May 22nd, 2006]
PG // complete // Kio/Soubi // drama/angst // 484 words
The day he learns of Seimei's death, Kio cannot decide if he should be happy, or sad.

[20] Highway to Madness [June 3rd, 2006]
PG // complete // Kio/Soubi // general/romance // 800 words
Sometimes, Kio thinks that he is merely a convenient stop on Soubi's highway to self-destruction.

[21] Overrun [July 1st, 2006]
Hard R // complete // Soubi/Kio // romance/drama // 2020 words
Kio doesn't like his freedom restricted in any way, but he was born curious and it only got worse as he aged.
Warnings: Adult. Bondage. Possibly disturbing.

[22] Worlds Apart [July 2nd, 2006]
PG // complete // Kio/Soubi // general // 884 words
Note: A little post scriptum to Overrun.
And I recognize so much of you in these eyes, always so blue

[23] Tokens Do Not Speak [July 3rd, 2006]
PG // complete // Kio // drama-ish in theme // 1389 words
In choosing to forget you cut away the safety net that holds your heart.

[24] Otosu [July 6th, 2006]
PG // complete // unreleased // Kio/Soubi // 512 words
Tell me what's next...
Note: The reason this is marked as 'unreleased' is because this story concludes the Tokens plotverse. For now, it is open to those on my friends list who are willing to dip their toes in it and write something. Contact me if you're interested.

[25] Fragmentary [July 9th, 2006]
PG // complete // Kio, Soubi // 495 words
Written for loveless100 challenge :: Poison
It is well past midnight on a sleepless night when Kio asks, for the umpteenth time, about Soubi's past.

[26] Revolution Unfolding [July 11th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Kio, Soubi // relationship study, some humor // 3018 words
Kio panted a little as he climbed the stairs, a voiceless complaint tickling the tip of his tongue.

[27] Inevitable [August 11th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Kio, Soubi // angst-ish // 1485 words
Who are you, the stranger in the shell of a lover?

[28] Harmless [August 16th, 2006]
PG-13 // complete // Soubi, Kio // drama // 1347 words
Kio sleeps on the floor, curled into a ball covered with his own jacket.


Drabbles under 400 words

[01] White Lies [March 14th, 2006]
PG // drabble // complete // Soubi/Ritsuka // introspective/angst // 250 words
Half a truth is still a lie, but Soubi understands the merit of knowing when to bite his tongue.

[02] Missing Words [March 28th, 2006]
PG-13 // drabble // complete // Kio/Soubi // introspective // 235 words
Written for loveless100 challenge :: Needing You
The phone rings to tell of Soubi's need, not Kio's, too often to let him forget the imbalance between the two.

[03] Change [March 30th, 2006]
PG-13 // drabble // complete // Soubi // introspective/angst // 140 words
It was beautiful in all ways but one...

[04] Not Undone [April 4th, 2006]
R // drabble // complete // Kio/Soubi // drama/angst // 195 words
Fulfillment and satisfaction are not always the same.

[05] On Patience and Ice [April 5th, 2006]
PG-13 // drabble // complete // Kio, Soubi // 263 words // friends-only
The light brown hair turned his head first -- Kio meets Soubi.

[06] The First Death [May 21st, 2006]
PG-13 // drabble // complete // Soubi, Ritsu-sensei // introspective/drama // 333 words
On training, butterflies and development of obsessions.

[07] One Thing For Sure [August 8th, 2006]
PG // complete // Kio, Soubi // general // 300 words
Soubi paints the world in the colors of his soul


I've read several pieces of your work and all I can doo is commend you on your well written stories. You always leave me wanting more. Keep it up!

Re: Cpmmendations

Thank you. :D I'm afraid I don't write Loveless fic anymore as I'm swamped with other things and not up to date on the manga, but who knows, maybe there will be more fic some time... I'm glad you enjoyed those I've written so far. ;-)

Re: Cpmmendations

Thank you. :D I'm afraid I don't write Loveless fic anymore as I'm swamped with other things and not up to date on the manga, but who knows, maybe there will be more fic some time... I'm glad you enjoyed those I've written so far. ;-)